Day 3

Good morning! it’s 7.25 am on the 29th June, & we’re waking up in Annecy, France, (close to Geneva) , under canvas, to the sound of- what’s that? oh yes. Rain! It’s pouring down, & was the last time we were here a few years ago. Has anyone ever seen sunshine here?
Yesterday we took the Channel Tunnel to France in 35 minutes. Brilliant! It felt a bit like being a sardine in a can at first, but you soon get used to the slight movement & speed (140 mph). The dozens of kids on school trips certainly enjoyed it. Over excited as they ran to & fro.
We landed in France around 11 am their time & hit the road. Apart from an accidental detour round & round Reims we followed the route towards Dijon then headed for Geneva before turning off for Annecy & the lake.
We waited for the weather to improve all day. The sun made a few half hearted attempts to emerge, but she never made it. Most of the journey was under dark angry clouds, & spots of rain. French scenery of manicured fields like a patchwork quilt, & those pretty Charolais cows. Always so clean looking.
It was 8 pm when we arrived here, so a long day, but comfortable. It was an important destination for our timing towards a ferry on Sunday evening, so worth pushing it, & we wanted to see the lake again. Stunning, surrounded by snow capped mountains.
Mr Sat Nav was directing us to a campsite when we happened suddenly on this little place directly off the road. Quite small & private. only about a dozen places & all of them luxury campervans. Then we rock up with Benny the bus & a little tent.
I have to say Rick was a little slow erecting said tent. It was like watching a wrestling match with a blue octopus! Job done tho, air beds blown, quilts in.
Hands up the person who said you’ll only need a sheet ? 13 degrees! I don’t DO 13 degrees in tents!
Headed over the road to the local cheapo cafe & had steak hache et frites. It had to be done. A couple of cognacs to knock me out. Madame didnt have a word of English & the locals looked on with amused curiosity while we dissected the rapid French.
Slept ok. comfortable enough if you like rolling about on a waterbed, & warm.
Could do without the rain this morning.
Popping in Carrefour after packing, then Italy here we come.
Sun please!


First stop.

Arrived at Felixstowe on the south coast. 250 miles from Manchester. It took a steady 6 hours. Longer than expected, but some slow spots & delays on the motorways.
Pleased with Benny the
bus tho, & a comfortable drive.
Listened to local radio most of the way, then French revision via Earworms app.
Feel foolish in t shirt & crop pants as its freezing here.
Out of place on the iPhone also. The
lounge full of other oldies are chatting quietly without even a drink. ( mine’s a large Pinot thank you)
( the elderly gentleman at the bar did a long slow fart as I passed) Bless.
We’re off for fish & chips & early night.
Early start for the Chunnel tomorrow.
Stay tuned. I’m hoping it gets more interesting!