First stop.

Arrived at Felixstowe on the south coast. 250 miles from Manchester. It took a steady 6 hours. Longer than expected, but some slow spots & delays on the motorways.
Pleased with Benny the
bus tho, & a comfortable drive.
Listened to local radio most of the way, then French revision via Earworms app.
Feel foolish in t shirt & crop pants as its freezing here.
Out of place on the iPhone also. The
lounge full of other oldies are chatting quietly without even a drink. ( mine’s a large Pinot thank you)
( the elderly gentleman at the bar did a long slow fart as I passed) Bless.
We’re off for fish & chips & early night.
Early start for the Chunnel tomorrow.
Stay tuned. I’m hoping it gets more interesting!




4 thoughts on “First stop.

  1. haha :))
    long slow fart!!!

    have a nice journey!!

    by the way, when you add a picture, upload a bigger size. they are too small in this post.


  2. FELIXSTOWE ??? Unless its moved, is in Suffolk – think you mean Folkestone !!’ ha ha

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    anneyakka’s blog wrote:

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