Day 3

Good morning! it’s 7.25 am on the 29th June, & we’re waking up in Annecy, France, (close to Geneva) , under canvas, to the sound of- what’s that? oh yes. Rain! It’s pouring down, & was the last time we were here a few years ago. Has anyone ever seen sunshine here?
Yesterday we took the Channel Tunnel to France in 35 minutes. Brilliant! It felt a bit like being a sardine in a can at first, but you soon get used to the slight movement & speed (140 mph). The dozens of kids on school trips certainly enjoyed it. Over excited as they ran to & fro.
We landed in France around 11 am their time & hit the road. Apart from an accidental detour round & round Reims we followed the route towards Dijon then headed for Geneva before turning off for Annecy & the lake.
We waited for the weather to improve all day. The sun made a few half hearted attempts to emerge, but she never made it. Most of the journey was under dark angry clouds, & spots of rain. French scenery of manicured fields like a patchwork quilt, & those pretty Charolais cows. Always so clean looking.
It was 8 pm when we arrived here, so a long day, but comfortable. It was an important destination for our timing towards a ferry on Sunday evening, so worth pushing it, & we wanted to see the lake again. Stunning, surrounded by snow capped mountains.
Mr Sat Nav was directing us to a campsite when we happened suddenly on this little place directly off the road. Quite small & private. only about a dozen places & all of them luxury campervans. Then we rock up with Benny the bus & a little tent.
I have to say Rick was a little slow erecting said tent. It was like watching a wrestling match with a blue octopus! Job done tho, air beds blown, quilts in.
Hands up the person who said you’ll only need a sheet ? 13 degrees! I don’t DO 13 degrees in tents!
Headed over the road to the local cheapo cafe & had steak hache et frites. It had to be done. A couple of cognacs to knock me out. Madame didnt have a word of English & the locals looked on with amused curiosity while we dissected the rapid French.
Slept ok. comfortable enough if you like rolling about on a waterbed, & warm.
Could do without the rain this morning.
Popping in Carrefour after packing, then Italy here we come.
Sun please!



5 thoughts on “Day 3

      • Hi Anne and Rick you clever pair arriving at your destination in your new Benny the Bus. Give yourselves a pat on the back and one for the bus. Love Reg and Dianex

  1. what happened to days 4/5 did I loose them, you know I’m not very good at this, glad to see you have arrived hopefully safe and sound, Helen has printed off day 3 for Mum to read she will enjoy it, Her trip to Stefans went well although she found the journey a little too much but back home now and relaxing…… We have had quite a lot of sun here hope you have found yours now………lots of love krysia and all here

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